Drink More Plants

Meet our Tonics. A new category in healthy beverages. Learn More.

Drink Health

Meet our Tonics. A new category in healthy beverages. Learn More.

Nourishing herbs and spices. Impeccably sourced. Expertly blended. Powerfully transformative.

The Goldthread Difference

We create our tonics by brewing herbs with water, then adding citrus and small amounts of natural sweetener.

Each tonic is meticulously crafted by our experienced practitioner of Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western and indigenous herbal traditions.

Plants + People

Goldthread promotes traditional practices of health and wellness as a vehicle for empowering individuals to care for themselves, their community, and the world. Our nourishing herbal elixirs and groundbreaking educational initiatives, rooted in plant-based healing traditions from around the world, are the gateway to the herbal revolution!

Partners  and Projects

Plant-based traditions around the world are treasuries that provide us all with the essential foundation of health rooted in nature.

Our mission is to infuse the wisdom and energy of the world’s great herbal traditions into delicious, and efficacious tonics, of course, adding a little twist of our own for good measure.

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