Our Roots

Goldthread is dedicated to leading the movement
in revitalizing herbal traditions to benefit people, plants and the planet.

Our goal is to teach people how to utilize plants as the foundation for an effective and sustainable approach to optimum health.

The Beginning

We began as Goldthread Apothecary and Herb Farm, founded by William Siff, our clinical herbalist, licensed acupuncturist and life-long ethnobotanical adventurer, who has practiced natural health and wellness techniques for nearly 20 years. At the farm, situated in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts, we grew more than 100 species of herbs and spices and distilled dozens of essential oils over a traditional wood-fired still.

For more than a decade, our apothecary provided custom formulations refined through years of clinical application; including tinctures, teas, essential oils, tonics and elixirs to support optimum health.

Farm to Pharmacy

Our Farm to Pharmacy program utilized a unique hands-on style to train students from around the country in traditional herb farming, with the philosophical and practical application of utilizing herbs as the foundation of functional health care. Through our educational initiatives, aspects of this local, sustainable and community-based model spread and took root in other regions.

We started one of the country’s first herbal CSA’s, bringing fresh herbs directly to people and inviting them to the farm to get their hands dirty.

Throughout this journey, we partnered with diverse organizations, schools, and farmers to share the message that herbs have a positive, lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and the planet they inhabit.

According to the tenets of traditional wellness practices, health begins with the individual and radiated outward, ultimately benefiting all living things.

We believe our new offering will inspire
you to join the herbal revolution

The Evolution

The desire to share our experience and vision of traditional herbal wellness practices on a national scale has led to the evolution of Goldthread and the launch of our category-defining plant-based beverage line. Our unique and proven formulations are now available in a collection of delicious, accessible, and nourishing elixirs that are designed to initiate a wider audience into the world of botanicals for health.

This direction allows us to support and collaborate directly with those involved in herb cultivation and stewardship from all over the world.

Global Tradition: Grassroots Healthcare

For most people across the world, the knowledge of how to use plants for healing remains intact as a viable, affordable and safe system of health care. As we experience greater challenges to our health, in an increasingly complex and stressed-out world, interest in traditional approaches to wellness are surging.

The strength of plant-based systems of healing is in their simplicity, sustainability and capacity to help us take care of both our bodies and the environments that we inhabit.

Well known systems such as, Ayurveda, Tibetan, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, stand among countless indigenous traditions that retain the practical and enduring knowledge about plants and their key role in preventative health care.

Our mission is to infuse the wisdom and energy of the world’s great herbal traditions into delicious, efficacious elixirs, adding a little twist of our own for good measure.

Goldthread’s founder, chief herbalist, and L.AC, William Siff, formulated a line of plant-rich tonics to support the peak functioning of the vital systems in our bodies. Siff travels the world sourcing herbs from the most potent regions and brings them home for our team to microbrew in small batches and create Goldthread’s plant-based tonics. Our tonics are functional and refreshing so that you can quench your thirst, enjoy your life, and drink more plants. William’s ultimate mission is to bring plants to the people. Along with his plant-based tonic line, he has created a grass-roots educational program called “Plantventures” around Los Angeles.

Meet the Team Leading the Movement
to Keep Herbal Traditions Alive