What's a tonic?

Our Plant-Based Tonics are formulated according to traditional recipes from the world’s great heritage of botanical wisdom.

Optimizing Health

Each tonic is meticulously crafted by our experienced practitioner of Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western and Indigenous Herbal Traditions.

The compounds found in certain herbs support the peak functioning of your most vital organs in ways that no other commonly eaten foods can. Today, most of these compounds are missing from our diets, which can lead to chronic deficiencies and weakness that diminish quality of life.

Much like a multivitamin, our tonics can be used to enhance a specific core function when consumed regularly, in a focused way.

Many people think that for something to be good for you, it has to taste bad. When in reality, most herbs that enhance the foundations of health, are delicious, containing unique flavors and fragrances that the body has been craving.

Drinking herbs is an enlivening experience, as the flavors provide us with the full range of what nature has to offer

Traditional health care recognizes the importance of taste in optimizing health; each taste activating nerve receptors and creating a specific response from the body’s organs, tissues and glands. Our tonics bottle herbs that are traditional elements of a healthy diet, offering an easy way to integrate the benefits of herbs into everyday life.

This Is How We Brew It

We create our tonics by brewing herbs with water and adding citrus and small amounts of natural sweetener, resulting in synergistic blends that combine to produce powerful results. Plants concentrate the elements of nature around them as they grow, releasing them when they are brewed.

To drink a tonic is to taste the pristine environments where we source our ingredients.

You’ll Feel the Difference

Daily consumption of herbs builds reservoirs of micro-nutrients that govern everything from proper digestion to deep relaxation. Herbs catalyze energy flow, stimulating nerve currents that feed life force into every cell.

Drinking them is like tuning an instrument. They strengthen vital internal reflexes that are the foundation of good health.

Through a combination of supplementation and stimulation of vital energy, Goldthread tonics will help restore balance to your body in a simple and natural way. It’s Like Magic, Bottled Up.

Our Tonics

Our Ingredients

Pure. Flavorful. Nourishing. Powerful.