William SiffFounder and Chief Herbalist

    With over 20 years of experience in plant-based medicine, Goldthread Herbs owner William Siff uses his knowledge as a clinician, educator, herbal products formulator, and public speaker to show people how to incorporate herbs into everyday life as the foundation of self-care and optimum health. William is an expert in the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine systems and is considered an innovator and champion of the herbal lifestyle. An activist and advocate of plant-based healing, William has been lauded for decades as a local hero in Western Massachusetts for his Farm-to-Pharmacy approach; linking rural herbal farming to an urban apothecary. As a new resident of Southern California, William continues to teach and practice herbalism on the West Coast to a wellness community that has proven to be extremely receptive to the Goldthread philosophy. William’s extensive travels, aka “Plant Pilgrimages,” have allowed him to cultivate medicinal projects all over the world whilst he infuses the wisdom of the ancient healers with modern practicality. His approachable, engaging style make herbs an accessible ally to anyone who seeks them.